AQUATOR (Hybrid-Solar Powered Ultrafiltration System)

The first car-mobile Ultrafiltration System on the World for providing drinking water in emergency situations with self cleaning system, powered by hybrid solar cells.

The Aquator provides high-quality portable water by physically removing pathogens, particulates and turbidity from virtually and water source including rivers, lakes, streams, ponds, shallow wells and springs. Specially suitable for quick movements and assuring drinking water in countries with many villages with no drinking water.

Aquator can microbiologically and chemically affected source turn into drinking water. The capacity of Aquator is 70.000 liters/day.

The advantages of Aquator are in membranes which physically block out and remove pathogens and particulates from water source, significantly reduce colloids, turbidity and organics, Utilizes the same membrane technology chosen by large-scale water filtration plants, effectively treats ground, surface or cistern water sources at the point-of-entry, automated and efficient self cleaning cycle flushes impurities, requires minimal water pressure to operate efficiently and rain water harvesting for reuse as drinking water.



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