DSE-5 (Desalinization with Solar Energy)

The latest high-end and brand new systems for desalinization based on Principe of osmosis membranes. In the last 20 years the membranes are developed by the way, that with lower pressure produce more water, they are also more persistence, they need low chemical agents for cleaning, ect…., but it still stays the main problem the ENERGY.

For running the desalinizator we need relatively quite a lot of energy power, because it still needed high pressures, which mean a lot of energy power. With making out various Energy Recovery systems, the consumption of energy is decreased, but is still not enough, to produce enough drinking water from recoverable sources.

In that time, we just ending with patent documentation for technology, where we are manage to produce a system, which will be able to purify salt water into clean drinking water. We use a combination of various compatible systems which will work exclusively using solar power. The system could be composed, that means that we could satisfy all needs by the clean drinking water exclusively using just a solar power.

The way of working is enabling that we have very little maintenances. Furthermore, the systems will also the purified water repeatedly mineralization of course by the wish of user.

The basic system will provide 5000 liters per day of drinking water.

The system is perfect for places by the oceans, where is lack of drinking water and power energy.




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