H2O COMPACT 1000 (Compact Ultrafiltration System)

The H2O COMPACT Ultrafiltration System provides complete point-of-entry filtration proven to reduce turbidity, particulates and cysts for safer, cleaner water at every tap. The system employs hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane technology to filter impurities as small as 0.010 microns.

To maximize membrane capacity and service life, a metered flushing cycle is controlled using an advanced controller. The self- cleaning forward and backflush cycle are initiated when the programmed capacity of the membrane is reached.

During the backwash, flow is reversed and particles are ejected from the pores of the membrane and flushed to drain. In the forward flush cycle, service water passes through the capillaries at a high speed, scouring particles from the membrane surface and rinsing them from the system. The system adopt inside pressure hollow fiber UF membrane module. Meanwhile, the function to absorb activated carbon helps remove unwonted color, smell, small molecule. Water is sterilized by ultraviolet radiation 280 nanometers. It has flushing and backwashing functions, automatically controlled by computer programmed controller.

Domnload H2O COMPACT flayer



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