MSPV (Mobile Ultrafiltration System)

All over the World is a problem with supply of pure drinking water, especially in special circumstances like natural catastrophe or in war conditions, where could be a problem with biological, chemical or radiological contamination of water source.

Our brand new product is installed in 20-feet autonomous container which contains combination of interconnected filtration system which are capable of recognize the source and level of contamination and purify water to such an extent that it becomes suitable for drinking, in accordance with the STANAG 2136 Standard. Better says, the system mobile unit MSPV solves the problem of using multiple filtration units in the case of unknown source of contamination.

MSPV determines the source and level of contamination and chose adequate filtration by means of computer-controlled analysis and filtration of water source. MSPV is highly efficient unit with own power supply which could assure up to 400.000 liters/day of pure drinking water with various solutions for users. Furthermore MSPV could prepare a pure drinking water also from Salt water or water sources which are highly load with colloid pieces.

MSPV contains the pipes for pouring the water could be connected directly on water supply or it could bottle water into 1/2 liter plastic bags with sign “DRINKING WATER”. We could assure that our MSPV is highly important and necessary for every Army and Civil use like mobile hospitals, commands, kitchens, hotels or any other civil water supply all over the World which have to assure pour drinking water.

Domnload MSPV flayer



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